LetsJoin is a WiFi based infotainment network designed specifically for distribution on public transport. We're headquartered in the heart of London's tech-city, and we operate in the UK, Europe, and the United States.
We work with transport operators, advertisers, and commercial partners to deliver an outstanding passenger experience and access to a large untapped audience.
For the last 18 months we’ve been working with road and rail transport operators to help improve their passenger's experience. We have successfully delivered pilots with government and commercially operated fleets and we're now working on deploying the next generation of passenger WiFi for a host of operators.
LetsJoin is the world’s first high speed on-board Infotainment Network delivering lightning fast media and passenger information directly to passenger’s mobile devices.
Passengers can access the latest news, sports, entertainment and a host of other content in text, image, sound and video formats.
We improve the passenger experience and offer a high level of engagement with a huge, well defined captive audience.
LetsJoin's high speed network stores content on-board the vehicle, allowing access to news, entertainment, and a whole lot more, even in times of service interruption.
Access to our network is free to the consumer, and provides an unprecedented browsing experience.
Each vehicle’s content and passenger information is constantly updated.
LetsJoin operates on buses, coaches, trams and trains in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Keep an eye out, your next ride may very well be equipped with LetsJoin!
Live Passenger Information
and Updates

Passengers receive information about their upcoming stop, the weather, service delays without interrupting their browsing experience. Operators can send messages directly to passengers, as well as receive messages and feedback.

Operator-Branded WiFi Channel

We provide operator branded infotainment channels ensuring your customers are fully engaged with your brand.

LetsJoin provides an operator-branded Wi-Fi infotainment experience to your passengers. Our network can greatly reduce WiFi operating costs and generate incremental revenue while allowing unprecedented communication with passengers. We manage and service the entire network to ensure reliability for you and your passengers. Passengers access the LetsJoin network for free on their mobile device. Contact us to see how we can provide excellent Wi-Fi solutions for your bus or train fleet.

LetsJoin connects you to a large captive audience which is well defined and highly engaged.
Our platform can trigger messages at precise locations along our routes and near the Point of Sale.
Using all types of static or dynamic banners and video, in dominant page positions or via your supplied content.
Our buy includes a microsite where you can deliver your customer additional value and the means to take them to purchase immediately.
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We aim to provide the most relevant advertisements to travellers. Your ads will be in a highly-targeted digital space for a captive audience. Whether your needs are demographically-targeted, location-specific, or anything in between, we can meet them. Your ads will be viewed millions of times a year in a unique setting. Contact us to see how your ads can meet our consumers.

Grow Your Audience

LetsJoin supports end-to-end content distribution, audience engagement and monetisation. Our network provides immediate access to large mobile and connected audiences. Our network is designed to help you grow your distribution and revenues quickly and effectively.

Generate Revenue

We’re looking for high quality current content which will engage our rapidly growing audience.

Relevant and Timely Updates
We work with leading rights owners, publishers, producers and networks.

If you’re interested in reaching millions of users per year, we can certainly work together.
Contact us to see how your content can reach a wider audience.

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